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Businesses and non-profits of all sizes need an ability to protect and overlap in areas such as anti-virus and anti-malware, smart and auto-defense mechanisms and have reporting that can enforce acceptable network usage policies on their network.Face it… businesses have enough pressure in the current recessionary climate just to stay afloat. Growing sales, keeping customers and cutting costs are all that really count.

Given these priorities, having to deal with other less obvious business risks has taken a back like:

  • having staff wasting time on the Internet whilst you’re out closing deals.
  • facing a “hostile environment” lawsuit from an employee who’s been offended by another surfing porn sites in your office.
  • having your customer records exposed on the Internet.

Unfortunately running a business means having to take care of these risks, too, whilst maintaining your focus on the core business. You need to protect customer records, control what employees can and cannot do on the Internet, and monitor what’s going on whilst you’re out of the office, without it becoming a full-time job of its own.

That’s why when it comes to passing traffic (good, bad, potentially bad) on your network, we recommend and install Meraki Cloud-Based Security Appliance, it will infiltrate data packets to protect your network – inside and out. Our solutions offer a powerful suite of Internet management applications, that simplify and consolidate the many network and security products that businesses need at the gateway to the Internet. Other products miss out on reports that a lay person can review and understand.

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